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Our Story

A few years back, a bar savvy couple from San Diego traded their belongings for a motorhome and set out seeking adventure. What they found was a farm and a family in Weston, MO who welcomed them with open arms and showed them what the Midwest was all about.

Brandon and Alyssa Burke spent a decade working at some of San Diego’s most famed watering holes and cocktail bars. After a long night behind the stick the two met up for a late night snack (and possibly a few too many drinks). The couple decided it was time for a change and within 4 months had sold everything they owned and traded it in for a 24-foot RV.

With no itinerary, the couple journeyed around the US hitting national parks, campsites, big cites and little ones. A partnership with NASCAR sent them to many unique race tracks and eventually to Kansas City. When they arrived they liked what they saw and decided they wanted to stay a while. A craigslist ad looking for help on a farm for the fall was exactly what they were looking for.

As soon as they drove onto Weston Red Barn Farm they new they needed to stay. An apprehensive “farmer” named Donovan greeted them for a tour. Upon showing them the barnyard he asked “Do you guys know anything about farm animals?” and Brandon joked “I know how to pair wines with them.” Over the next year Brandon and Alyssa planted gardens, drove tractors, picked pumpkins, took school’s on tours, and helped with the wedding venues. After a winter of travel they decided they wanted to go back to Missouri and help start a bar program for the farm.

When it came time to work over a business plan it was all too obvious that we needed to utilize our greatest asset, the farm. We worked with Steve Frye (farmer, no quotes needed) to map out a list of seasonal fruits and veggies that we could incorporate into our menu. The team designed our brand, our style and our mission; To serve Kansas City’s tastiest libations at every celebration we can!

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