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Kansas City BBQ + Wedding Wines

It’s officially wedding season! Which means it’s officially BBQ season! Although, we are quickly realizing that BBQ season is pretty much a year-round thing here in Kansas City. With so much tantalizing, slow cooked meat in the area, BBQ is a wildly popular catering choice for our clients. We don’t want to get into a “who does it best?” debate, even though we have our opinions, we just want to discuss wine pairings. Wine?... and BBQ?... You read that right! We have noticed this aspect of party planning sometimes gets overlooked. Just about any beer can wash down a savory plate of burnt-ends but with wine it’s a slightly more involved. So without further adieu, here are some of our favorite wines to pair with classic smoked meats!

Protein: Pulled-pork

Wine: Estancia Pinot Grigio

We started with a white wine intentionally. The reason we pair wines with food is to enhance the overall dining experience. In a lot of ways a nice crisp Grigio binds flavors together much the way BBQ sauce and pickles do on a pulled pork sandwich. Estancia has a unique peachiness to it that leads to a beautiful nose. It also features a hint of white pepper that really allows it to stand it’s ground against the pulled pork.

Protein: Pork Ribs

Wine: Leese-Fitch Cabernet

The more traditional train of thought will lead us to a balanced cabernet to pair with ribs. Ribs are rich, saucy, savory and messy, so we need a wine to match that personality. Leese-Fitch is a bountiful red rich in tannin and dark berries. It also features a touch of fig that goes perfectly with a spicy BBQ sauce.

Protein: Brisket

Wine: Cline Cellars Zinfandel

This is NOT your MeMaw’s Zin! The Cline Zinfandel is an awesome full-bodied red that should be a staple bottle at everybody’s table. Think chocolate, vanilla, coffee, with a slightly spicy finish. Take a bite, take a sip and you’ll feel as if you’ve died and gone to heaven. It’s that good!

Protein: Chicken

Wine: Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc

Ferrari Carano… Man that sounds cool! Not only does it sound cool it also tastes great! You are probably more accustomed to seeing Sauvignon Blanc instead of Fume Blanc in the store, but don’t be fooled they are one in the same. Or one and the same, either way, you get it.

Lightly acidic with a fruit forward nose featuring grapefruit as the predominant flavor. This wine will knock your socks off if the chicken hadn’t already.

Protein: Burnt-ends

Wine: Trapiche Malbec

We saved the best for last! The mother of all Kansas City BBQ needed a wine to marry so we went all the way to Argentina to find a bride. Argentinians have their own style of BBQ called “asado” and this is the number one wine they pair with their red meats. It is a fruit forward red but doesn’t finish overly sweet or tart. A nice cherry and oak nose pairs wonderfully with the melt in your mouth burnt-ends!

If you hadn’t guessed it yet ALL of these beautiful wines are available on our list for your wedding or event. We will leave the cooking up to the trained professionals but whatever you are celebrating, we would love to pour libations at your next party!

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